Want to know more about reed diffusers?

Reed diffusers - what are they?
They are different to candles - each bringing something individual and special to your home. Whilst I can personally never go past a lit candle, reed diffusers offer a wonderful alternative to add constant fragrance to your home particularly in areas such as your bathroom, laundry and even inside cupboards and your shoes if you use our mini diffusers. Here in my home, I have a reed diffuser in the bathroom, laundry and even the kids bedrooms. And the mini diffusers ... well they are everywhere - wardrobes, inside the teenagers shoes and in the car.

How do reed diffusers work?
The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil from inside the jar and disperse the scent into the air. They last until all the fragrance oil evaporates. Diffusers work well in places where you want a beautiful fragrance but can't keep an eye on a candle. Think of them like a bunch of flowers – the fragrance won’t always fill the room but you will smell a gorgeous fragrance as you walk past.

You do need to flip the reeds! You can flip a few reeds every couple of days or all of the reeds everyday. However the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the more scent that will be dispersed into the air. 

Reed diffusers are happiest out of direct sunlight and if you are using the mini diffusers in your car - don't hang them from your rear vision mirror, pop them in your drink bottle holder or console so that the sun doesn't evaporate the mixture and you still get a lovely scent throughout your car. 

What happens when my reed diffuser runs out of oil?
Don’t despair, we have you covered with fabulous refill pouches.

The pouches come in two sizes – small (90ml to refill a small reed diffuser bottle) or large (110ml to refill a large reed diffuser bottle). We also give you beautiful fresh reeds.

Instructions are included but it’s so easy. Simply toss the old reeds in the bin and tip the remaining diffuser oil from your old bottle down the sink. Now give the bottle a quick rinse in warm water and leave the bottle to dry out well before you put in the new oil. When the bottle is dry, simply unscrew the cap from the top of the pouch and tip in the fresh new diffuser oil. Pouch can go in the bin or if you wish, tightly reseal and store for future refill use. Pop in the fresh new reed sticks and your diffuser is as good as new.

I'd like to try a new fragrance?
Absolutely! We can arrange that for you. It is not a problem to give you a refill with a different fragranced oil from your original. Just make sure you mention it when you place your order and we’ll throw in a new  sticker for you to pop on your bottle so that you can remember what gorgeous fragrance you are smelling. 

What are mini diffusers?
Mini diffusers are such a fabulous little product! Such a great stocking filler gift to give - or to have all around your home. They are a wonderful way to add fragrance to your car or confined space - wardrobes, inside shoes, jackets, cupboards. The cork component at the top of the bottle soaks up the fragrance oil and disperses the scent into the air. Just like the reed diffusers, these will last until all the fragrance oil evaporates. They are so simple to use, unscrew the top and remove the plastic bung from the bottle. Replace the top making sure it is screwed on correctly. Turn the bottle upside down several times until the cork/ wood is sufficiently soaked. It is now ready to hang and use! 

I hope this has answered some of your questions about reed diffusers and our mini cork diffusers - gorgeous to have around your home, workspace, even your car. We have so many different fragrances to choose from too ... something for everyone. But of course if you still have questions just email me!

Lisa x